Unique party themes when holding an event


If you want your event to go off with a bang, choosing a unique theme is sure to have guests going home with the best memories.

Glow in the dark

Fantastic for an evening event, a glow in the dark party entails turning off all the lights and having everything glowing. Think glow in the dark cups, plates and decorations and invite guests to wear neon clothing with glow sticks to accessorise. If the venue allows, put glow in the dark stars and planets on the walls and neon lights are a great touch.

Carnival theme

This is a great theme for a larger budget, especially if weather permits and you can hold it outside. Hire food trucks such as burrito and fish and chips for your guests to enjoy. Candyfloss and popcorn stands make a great touch. For entertainment, hire jugglers, dancers and acrobats and your guests can relax and enjoy on the grass. Decorate your space in bright, eye-catching colours and invite guests to an exciting carnival-themed day.

Angels and Demons

Split your venue into two sides and have angels on one and demons on the other. Invite your guests to dress up in renditions of their chosen side. For angels, drape white material everywhere, use cotton wool to create clouds and have golden cups and plates. For the demon side, use red and black to create a darker mood. Candles and red light bulbs can be utilised and decorate with skulls and chains. This is a really fun theme which you can get into if you have the time and budget.

Game inspired

Ready player one? For this party idea, ask guests to come as their favourite video games character. There is plenty of themed decor that you can buy for this event, or alternatively make your own. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for food, decorations and games you can play. Once you have your Princess Peaches, Lara Crofts and Links, ensure to take a picture and use a hashtag for Instagram to promote your event.

Time Travel event

If you want an era themed party but can’t decide on a time frame, simply choose time travel. This way your guests can decide on Victorians, Egyptians, 90’s and so much more for costume inspiration. Choose some iconic food from different eras to serve and some of the best games and entertainment. This provides a really good opportunity to be creative and throw an event which stands out.

Villains party

If you’re tired of being surrounded by heroes at events, throw your own villains party. As the name may suggest, invite guests to choose their favourite bad guy from films, series and books and recreate their look. Use dark, creepy decor to create the perfect mood and create snacks based on your favourite villains.

Country Western

If you and your guests want to throw it back to the times of cowboys, this is the perfect theme for you. This is especially good if your venue has a rustic charm. Invite your guests to dress as cowboys, outlaws, saloon girls or a character from their favourite western film. If you have the space and budget, split your venue up and decorate each section for different aspects of Country Western such as a bank, the outback, the farm and so on.

Alexandra House is the perfect place to throw your unique themed event. We have 16 event spaces which can be adapted to your theme and our event coordinators are more than happy to help you plan and execute a night to remember. Please get in contact with our friendly team for more information or to book your space today.