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8 totally Instagrammable & unique party themes


Choosing a unique party theme for an event can take your party from average to a show-stopping, wildly creative and photo-worthy event, but coming up with an idea that is sure to get your guests to whip out their camera can be challenging.

200 million Instagram users visit at least 1 business profile per day and 62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand after viewing their product/services in a story, so it’s more or less vital that your business has a wide reach on the social media platform. Throwing an epic visual event is a sure-fire way to get the #hashtags rolling in. We have put together 8 of the most unique party themes we’ve seen hosted at our party venue in Swindon. Or you can read our top 10 tips for making a good venue even better here.

1. Neon lights & Glow in the dark

It’s time to bring out the retro glow in the dark stars, neon lights and brightly coloured clothing! This unique party theme is perfect for an evening event and will leave your guests talking for months after.

A creative party theme for adults

By the time you are in your 20’s, it’s guaranteed that you have been to all the classic themed parties and in all honesty, they get boring. This is why a neon lights and glow in the dark party theme is a fantastic and fun idea. Black lights, glow sticks, neon colours and face paint are what will make this event eye-catching and popular across Instagram. Want to go all out? You can even get glow in the dark treats that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. For the drinks, our top-secret tip that will be sure to impress… add tonic water to your beverages before exposing it to a black light! #neonlights

unique party themes glow in the dark

2. Carnival & Circus

This is one of our favourites and is a great theme for a larger budget, especially if weather permits and you can hold it outside. We boast 20 acres of stunning grounds – the perfect setting to place your red and white striped marquee. Whether you choose to go for The Greatest Showman theme or go all out with a Brazillian carnival bash with dancers galore, we’re sure it will be a colourful and crazy party no one will forget.


For entertainment, hire jugglers, dancers & acrobats and your guests can relax, drink and enjoy a mind-bending show. For the food? What’s a circus without popcorn and candy floss? These are great snack ideas to keep your guests satisfied throughout the night. You can also hire out a carnival and circus-themed photobooth for your guests to go wild in, full of accessories, hats & masks. #circustheme

unique party themes carnival

3. Botanical garden

Flower walls, greenery and tea cups (yes you can fill these with boozy cocktails) are what will make your Summer party fly off the wall. Aesthetics are becoming the most important factor of any bash and getting it right is important if you want to see your social profile getting tags and likes! A botanical garden party is a classy and unique party theme that will leave your guests dazzled.

Botanical afternoon tea

If you want something a little more civilised then a botanical garden theme is again perfect for this. You can choose to go totally Alice in Wonderland with an afternoon tea or keep it simple and pretty with the mix of greenery, flowers and candles – stunning in any photograph. For Summer events that will lead into the evening, decorate with cute fairy lights and bring out the champagne to create a magical feel as the sun starts to set. #botanicalgardens

unique party themes botanical garden

4. Game & Cosplay

Ready player one? For this party idea, ask guests to come as their favourite video game character. There is plenty of themed decor that you can buy for this event, or alternatively make your own. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for food, decorations, games and cosplay costumes. Once you have your Princess Peaches, Lara Crofts and Links, ensure to take a picture and use a #hashtag for Instagram to promote your event.

Fancy dress party theme

Cosplay is popular with so many people and makes a perfect unique party event. If you know your guests are passionate about gaming, then they will jump with joy at the opportunity to go all out as their favourite character – it’s the ultimate way to throw a totally geekish party! A great way to make sure your guests go all out is to make it a competition. Let everyone vote on who they think has arrived in the best costume (and no, guests may not vote for themselves). Make sure the prize is a desirable one to ensure maximum effort. #cosplayersofinstagram

uniqu party themes game & cosplay

5. Peaky Blinders

By order of the Peaky Blinders. We invite you to join Tommy, Arthur, Polly & Ada for a 1920’s gangster-themed party. Yes we know, this is probably not the most unique party theme around, however it is one of the most incredible party themes you can choose. If you’re a Peaky Blinders fan, then I am 100% sure that you have spent time daydreaming about becoming part of the Shelby family. Lavish outfits, whiskey, gin, cigars, money and the ability to do whatever you want? AMAZING.

Outfit galore

If your guests go all out and your decor is on point then this will see the likes and comments rolling in. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a classic British roast dinner, with all the trimmings included. If it’s in your budget, then a timeless 1927 Bentley would be a fantastic backdrop for your photography pictures. #peakyblindersparty


unique party themes peaky blinders

6. Margarita Party

Tequila! OK, ok, ok. Not necessarily a theme, but any excuse for a margarita, right? The margarita is a popular Mexican drink, which became increasingly popular during prohibition. Tequila, sugar syrup, lime juice and a salted rim are the components that make this desirable cocktail. Nowadays there are so many variants to be made, there is sure to be a flavour suited to your tastebuds. We have frozen strawberry margaritas, coconut delights with a desiccated coconut rim and totally tangerine margaritas. We’ve hunted down all the best recipes here.

Mexican food to make the party

Of course, we’d never advise a booze themed party without some delicious food to settle your stomach. Luckily Mexican food is both delicious and fairly simple. Burritos, chimichangas, tortilla chips and dips are what will make this unique party theme stand out from the rest. #margaritaparty

unique party theme margarita

7. Unicorn

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the mix of beautiful pastel colours make for a charming Insta story. The unicorn theme was thrown into our pop culture in 2018 and we have yet to see the fad fade. With Primark’s unicorn nails and Starbucks very own unicorn blessed drink, it’s fair to say the trend has taken off pretty well. The Instagram hashtag for #unicorn has over 13 million posts, each containing its own weirdly wild and wonderful pastel themes.

Sickly treats that delight

One of the most prominent aspects of a unicorn themed party is of course the sickly treats! Donuts, cupcakes and popcorn are just a few of the must-haves for your event. Simply add some food colouring into your baking for magical treats. #unicornparty

unique party themes unicorn

8. Day of the Dead

Often mistaken as a ‘Mexican Halloween’, Day of the Dead is actually a colour exploding event to demonstrate love and respect for deceased family members. It is the extravagant face paints and colourful outfits that make this theme a positively fantastic idea. Decor is the most important factor of a Day of the Dead party. Think flowers, sugar skulls and jaw-dropping costumes. What’s more, it’s such a widely known phenomenon that getting party decorations is easy peasy.

Face painting

Something you should consider is hiring a professional face painter. I’m pretty certain that not everyone you invite to your party will have an artistic flair, yet people will want to look their best! The sugar skull face painting can be both beautiful and intricate – which makes for a fantastic Instagram post. #dayofthedead


unique party themes day of the dead

So there you have it. Our 8 absolutely unique party themes guaranteed to impress. Alexandra House is the perfect place to throw your party. We have 16 event spaces that can be adapted to your theme and our event coordinators are more than happy to help you plan and execute a night to remember. Please get in contact with our friendly team for more information or to book your space today.

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