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The Secrets to a Successful Off-site Meeting


Planning A Successful Offsite Meeting 

Taking the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day work and allowing your team to spend time together with one another is a great way to encourage team spirit. As well as realigning your employees with the organisation’s goals and vision. Offsite meetings are also important for those of your team that are working remotely, allowing them to build and improve relationships with colleagues. 

Many organisations plan offsite meetings for a day or even take the opportunity to book an entire weekend. The secret to an effective off-site event is simple. You’ll need to set achievable goals, balance purpose with fun, create a realistic agenda, limit the presentations and select a conference and meeting venue that provides the right help and guidance. 

There are many tips and tricks to ensure that your offsite meeting is a success, and we are going to name a few.

5 Tips on Running a Successful Off-site Meeting

1. Set your Offsite Meeting Agenda and Expectations 

Many organisations opt for a hybrid company retreat in a conference venue such as Alexandra House which can offer meeting packages that include all the essentials for your event, plus day delegate and 24-hour delegate rates and luxurious facilities. Organisations schedule a few days for work and define their growth road map together, fitting in enough time for sightseeing and team building activities.

Whilst you might have one thing in mind, your executive team members may have completely different expectations and their own personal goals. Prior to the offsite meeting, it is important to start by setting an agenda and explaining to your executive team what they should prepare, plus explaining to the wider team what they can expect from the meeting.

2. Secure an Off-Site Meeting Venue

If you are looking to accommodate a small or large group for your team members then it is important to make sure that the venue has the appropriate amenities, including large enough spaces for your activities and full technical capabilities such as Alexandra House. 

It is important to consider whether you are looking for a venue that provides a breakout space and multiple rooms, as well as refreshments and catering facilities. Ensuring you have everything you need is important when it comes to running a successful offsite meeting. 

3. Plan Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Activities

Planning team building activities are a great way for your team to bond. You can plan adventure sports, group hikes, or even outdoor activities for your team to get together and enjoy some well-deserved quality time together. 

If you can organise team building activities that have a purpose and objectives behind the planning, then your organisation can reap the benefits such as; creating big ideas for the company itself, improved employee engagement, team communication, increase motivation, productivity and creativity. 

Many meeting venues such as Alexandra House will have to offer plenty of indoor and outdoor space for you and your team to utilise whilst creating fun and enjoyable team building activities. Get in touch to find out what we can offer.

4. Use Offsite Meetings as an Opportunity to Promote Company Values

One of the benefits of offsite meetings that cannot go unmissed is that offsite meetings allow you to highlight to your team your company’s values. Focusing on your companies values will help you to plan an effective and relevant meeting for your team to ensure they understand what you expect from them and what they should expect from you.

They also are a great opportunity to demonstrate to your team how great the company is and how the values impact the organisation’s ways to operate in and out of the office.

5. Ask Your Team for Feedback about the Offsite Meeting

It is important to consider your team’s feedback at the end of your offsite meeting and ask them how they think the meeting went overall. If you think it would be more effective you can hand out feedback forms or live surveys where participants can give feedback on the productivity, effectiveness and enjoyableness of the offsite meeting. Asking your participants for feedback will be important when it comes to reflecting next time to ensure you organise a meeting that improves on any weak areas.

Offsite Meetings Conclusion

You may think that planning a company offsite meeting may be time consuming, but selecting the right off-site meeting venue with meeting packages and a team of experienced professionals can help to guide you in the right direction. Offsite team meetings can be used as an opportunity to strengthen your team’s bond, making your employees more proactive within the roles they play at the organisation. 

If you are looking to plan an offsite meeting soon then we hope that our secrets to a successful off-site meeting will be useful to you and your organisation.

As a quick recap, the secrets to a successful off-site meeting are: 

  • Set your offsite meeting agenda and expectations
  • Secure an offsite meeting venue
  • Plan indoor and outdoor team building activities
  • Use offsite meetings as an opportunity to promote company values
  • Ask your team for feedback about the offsite meeting

Offsite Meeting Venue at Alexandra House

If you are looking for a stylish off-site meeting venue for your organisation then look no further than Alexandra House in Swindon. We provide businesses with flexible conference venues with affordable meeting room packages, day delegate and 24-hour delegate rates.

Whether your team is large or small, or however long you are planning to host an off-site meeting, we have all of the facilities you need to run a successful meeting. From modern accommodation, intuitive technology, and in house caterers, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands for your off-site meeting event. 

Our conference centre in Swindon is easily accessible, located just 4 miles from Wiltshire and just minutes from the M4, ensuring your delegates can reach our venue easily. 

Plus our meeting rooms offer a range of excellent conference facilities including presenting technology, superfast Wi-Fi, refreshments and catering services, as well as 20 acres of land for team building activities.

If you would like to find out more information regarding our offsite meeting venue or our day delegate rates, then please get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.