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Team meeting activities

Riddles For Work Meetings That Boost Engagement


Hosting a meeting is the best way to get new ideas and get to know the team better but sometimes engagement isn’t great. Improving employee engagement is vital in business, which is why we’re sharing some of our top riddles for work meetings and team building activities so that you can boost productivity. Even something as simple as hiring an offsite meeting venue can help.

Get them thinking

Team bonding activities

Dog, rice and chicken

This is the perfect riddle for team meetings and virtual team meetings! There are other versions of this but they remain the same in principle. A farmer has to take a dog, a bag of rice and a chicken home, via a river. He has to use a boat to cross it but the boat is only big enough for himself and one of the other animals/items. Your task is to get them all across, without the dog eating the chicken, or the chicken eating the rice by being left unattended.

Yes, he should just find a better boat though and put the chicken on his lap.


There are many examples online of shapes that have to be drawn using only line – that is you can’t draw it in sections, you must keep the pen on the paper (or board) to draw the whole shape, without missing any sections. If you move the pen away, go over one section of the line twice or miss a section, you have to start again.

Riddles, logic games, puzzles and brain teasers (with answers!)

Riddles aren’t always easy to solve and there is normally a trick somewhere in them but they make you try to think differently. Classics include ‘Is it legal or illegal for a man to marry his widow’s sister?’ and ‘You have a match and you walk into an unlit room that has a pile of logs with kindling and a lantern. Which do you light first?’.

The answer for the first, if you’re interested, is that the man is dead so he couldn’t possibly marry his widow’s sister. For the second, you have to light the match first, or you can’t light anything else.

There’s also great puzzles and riddles like ‘The person who made me doesn’t want me, the person who bought me doesn’t need me and the person who uses me can’t appreciate me.’ and ‘He has married many women but has never been married. Who am I?’ (Answers: a coffin and a priest.) You can find more riddles here. These should get those brains ready to solve problems for your company.

Ice breakers to get them all relaxed

Icebreakers for meetings

The candy game

Use a bowl of candy to be colours for different types of questions. A bowl is passed around until all the candy has been taken (one piece at a time as it goes around the room). You then have to answer a question for every piece of candy you have, related to the colour. Blue might be about your childhood. Red about previous jobs. Yellow about this job. Green about your hobbies. You can eat the candy after each question so you can keep track of what you’ve done. And because candy is nice…

One common thing

This team meeting activity is good for when you have a lot of people who don’t know each other very well. Give everyone a list of all the attendees and get them searching for something they have in common with each other. They can only use the same commonality once so they will have to have some deeper conversations than usual.

Dessert island

For this game, you tell the attendees that they are stuck on a desert island and can only have five books/films/tracks. Discovering your differences and similarities in taste will be a good way to appreciate each other more. Icebreaker games for meetings are best when used properly so don’t hesitate to improve your team’s bonding.

Just for fun (but still great team meeting activities for engagement)

Team meeting ideas

Quiz your team

Prepare for your light bulb moment! The topic can be picked at random each week (or by the loser of last week) and you’ll be able to engage your team’s brains at the beginning of the meeting. As long as your quizzes stay fun and not too long, the team will look forward to coming to the meeting.

Change the time

Start the meeting at an odd time. Pick a random time like 8:53 and then make sure that the meeting starts dead on time. This will make everyone take notice of what you’re doing. Don’t forget though that if people found having the meeting at 9am boring, you can’t always do it at 8:53. Try it the next week at 9:01, then 8:58 and so on.

Take one of your problems and flip it

If you are trying to increase footfall in one of your stores that isn’t doing so well, for example, imagine the opposite was the case. How would you try to discourage people from coming to the store? You may find that in looking at the opposite problem, you find the solution to your real problem.

Now that you’ve read our team meeting activities, which ones are you going to include in your meetings? Not all of them will be appropriate for your company or employees but you can tailor them to your needs and there are many simple team building activities and riddles for meetings out there. If you’d like to book our meeting venue in Swindon, get in touch today.