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Summer Garden Party Ideas to Wow Your Friends

One of the main benefits of summer is the longer days, which means that you could spend longer with your friends and family so if you’re picking a time to have a celebration, you could do a lot worse than summer. You can choose to relax in the sun with friends or play some games, it’s up to you and what you would all enjoy. Check out our summer garden party ideas to get you started.

Summer Garden Parties for Adults and Children

Make your own pretend drive-in movie theatre

So you probably can’t all drive onto the garden but you can create your own movie theatre outside. All you need is a screen (which can be as cheap as using a sheet or a white wall), a projector and a device to play the film, such as a laptop or DVD player. Add some popcorn, chairs and beanbags and you’re ready to go!

Play a game of rounders or tag

Rounders and cricket are classic summer games so why not break out a set and get some team games going. If you’re not sure about whether your guests will go for it, you can always keep the equipment to one side but in view in case someone spies it and wants to have a go. For a low-key activity, tag is easy to set up and can be played children and adults, essentially without explanation.

Sports day is great on a sunny day

If you know you have an active or competitive crowd, sports day can work very well. You can divide everyone into teams or houses (if you have a theme) and get the leaderboard ready. Having a diverse range of activities should allow most people to do well. For a little extra fun, if your budget allows, include elements from Total Wipeout or It’s a Knockout.

Summer Garden Party Food Ideas

summer garden party

Go classic and have afternoon tea

Afternoon tea al fresco dining is always a popular choice for a garden party. It involves scones, cream and jam, not to mention the fantastic sandwiches and cakes! It’s an easy one to adapt for people with different dietary or cultural needs and adds a little colour to your table. Don’t forget some nice teas, coffees and cocktails to complete the day.

Have a BBQ

A staple of any summer is a BBQ so why not have one for your garden party? You can set up an outdoor dining seating area with drink stations and food stations depending on the number of guests, and get cooking. Just remember a good range of condiments and plenty of bread rolls and you’re all good. Maybe throw in a salad and some desserts to round it all off too. 

You could even make it like a picnic with a dedicated outdoor space with a garden party table, an outdoor rug, table decorations, a fire pit and string lights, there are plenty of ways you can accommodate your party guests for a summer BBQ.

Summer Garden Party Decoration Ideas

summer garden party

Light up your world

Fairy lights look stunning when wrapped around trees and can also benefit you by adding to the atmosphere. They also make sure that everyone can see where they are going in the evening so that you can all stay out a little longer.

Let nature take over

If you’ve got stunning grounds like ours at Alexandra House, sometimes it’s worth letting nature be its own backdrop. During the summer months there should be plenty of beautiful flowers out and lush green leaves so you don’t have to try too hard to make your summer garden party look good.

Accessorise your table

A few colourful elements like table centrepieces, table cloths, napkins, plates and table runners can go a long way to make your party stand out. Be careful of what you’re using though, as you don’t want to be left with lots of disposables and rubbish.

Get some music playing

It’s not technically decoration (unless decoration for the ears counts?) but it is part of the atmosphere or ambience so get those chilled tunes or summer hits out and add an extra little bit of entertainment to your day.

When you’ve found your perfect summer garden party ideas and you want to book a party venue in Swindon for your event, get in touch with our events team and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you and your guests have a wonderful time at your garden party.

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