Eight tips for the best man


Being asked to be a best man is a rewarding experience. To be so involved in someone’s big day is really special, so you need to get it right. We’ve put together a guide of eight tips to be the perfect best man.

Help with whatever you can

Whether it’s the lead up to the big day or the wedding itself, ensure you’re always on hand to help. Even small things such as getting the groom a glass of water or helping with heavy lifting make a big difference. Make sure your groom knows he can ask you for a hand if he needs it.

Prepare a great speech

One of the main responsibilities of the best man is to ensure you give a great speech. Take your time planning out what you’ll say and definitely rehearse it. Don’t make it too long as you don’t want guests getting fidgety. Be aware of your audience and preferably don’t say anything too racy. Keep it short and sweet and everyone will enjoy it.

Look the part

As the best man, it’s likely you’ll be in a lot of photos. Make sure you really look the part for the day. Get your haircut, make sure your suit fits right and shine your shoes. You want to ensure the memories of the day are perfect so look your best.

Be organised

Leaving things to the last minute at a wedding is never an option. As soon as you receive the news, prepare to be organised. You need to be on hand to help in any way you can. Get involved with the spreadsheets and planning side of things so you really know the details. An extra pair of eyes at a wedding is always appreciated. If your groom is still looking for the perfect place to get married, look no further than Alexandra House. We are a beautiful venue which is conveniently located and easily accessible, four miles from Swindon, just minutes from the M4, and on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information. We have all-inclusive wedding packages to make wedding planning even easier.

Be supportive

Always remember that no matter how excited the groom is, they’re going to be nervous. Always be on hand to give moral support and a chat if needed. It’s up to you to ensure he’s feeling confident for the big moment.


At the wedding, prepare to help people mingle and get involved. Some guests may not know each other so it would be a great help to the couple to have someone acting as a buffer. Socialise and get everyone chatting.

Make sure your groom’s enjoying himself

Above everything, you need to make sure the grooms having the best time. If you’re enjoying yourself, make sure he’s having an even better time.

Enjoy yourself

After all the hard work is done, relax and enjoy yourself. Watching your best friend getting married is an amazing experience so make sure you take the time to appreciate it.