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Offsite Meeting Space

Pros of An Offsite Meeting Space


Hosting a meeting in an offsite meeting space is great for productivity and getting a lot of work done. Read our top reasons for planning an offsite meeting.

Offsite Meeting Space

Offsite Meeting Spaces Keeps the Attention of your Employees

New Surroundings will Make Employees Take Notice

Having a new setting can help to impress the importance of the meeting upon your employees and help them to re-focus their attention. As the meeting space will be paid for in increments of time, it will be vital for your employees to be punctual and be respectful of the amount of time that you have.

Less Distractions

In an off-site meeting, the general office chatter will not be able to reach you, nor will phone calls or emails from colleagues and clients. It also won’t be possible for other employees to burst in with questions halfway through either. You can always set up one person to receive calls in the event of an emergency if you are worried.

Offsite Meeting Space

Offsite Meeting Spaces have Purpose-Built Facilities

Use Great Technology

Your current facilities may be great for your day-to-day operations and meetings may be perfectly adequate but for big meetings, you may need more audio-visual equipment to make your points achieve their full impact. We can provide great facilities to make sure that your meetings go nice and smoothly.

Change Meeting Style and Seating

You can change the way you hold your meetings, as the meeting venue team will be able to set up the room in a different formation, such as a classroom, boardroom, theatre or U-shape layout, depending on what will be more beneficial for you. You can also take the opportunity to have a different structure to your meeting and have different people leading it.

Take Advantage of Catering Facilities

Let someone else take the hassle of refreshments away from you, with breakout stations and refreshments provided by your meeting venue. You can also take the opportunity to turn your team meeting into a team lunch or if your meeting is later in the day, stay for dinner and unwind as a team.

Offsite Meeting Space

Offsite Meeting Spaces Get Everyone Together Easier

Great for Remote Workers and far-away Clients

If you have a lot of remote workers or the clients you’d like to meet are far away, consider having an offsite meeting that it’s more central to everyone. That way, you show your commitment to making the relationship work and it is a little easier on everyone.

Bond as a Team

Take the opportunity to combine the meeting offsite with team-building activities or perhaps even a team lunch so that you can all have a good catch up and make the most of your time together away from the office.

Offsite Meeting Space in Swindon

You may find once you have tried a few offsite meetings for your company that you can find many more pros and if you do, we’d love to hear them. To book meeting rooms in Swindon, or find out more regarding our meeting packages, get in touch with our team today on +44 (0) 1793 819 000 or fill out our contact form.