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Planning an outdoor wedding


Holding your wedding alfresco can be truly special. Combine the singing birds with a shining sun and the breeze gentle rolling for the perfect romance catalyst. Many people have pictured an outdoor wedding for their whole lives, and we have plenty of experience getting it right. Taking your big day into the elements requires slightly more planning than the traditional ceremony, but when done correctly can be a day you and your guests won’t forget.

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

You don’t have to break the bank when planning an outdoor wedding. One of the pros is you can continue with the rustic theme of getting hitched alfresco and use nature as your decor. Handmade decorations are a must and add to the charm. Get the little ones involved and ask them to create paper lanterns, garlands and whatever else they fancy. This gives your wedding a personal touch and it’ll be even more special to walking down the aisle. Charity shops are golden when purchasing items for your wedding, from decor to outfits. Some charity shops are gifted brand new dresses which weren’t sold in boutiques for a quarter of the price. Shop around and spend time finding the best deals. Once your wedding is over, you could donate what you bought to friends, family or back to the charity shop.

Planning an outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding rain plan ideas

When choosing the date for your outdoor wedding, its best to choose the warmer seasons. Although, the height of summer and a big dress probably isn’t the best idea, so a nice spring day is ideal. If you’ve lived in the UK for any length of time, you know that the heavens raining down even on the sunniest day isn’t unusual so always have a plan B. It doesn’t need to be extensive, but setting up a marquee just in case will give you peace of mind. It also provides a welcome escape from the sun if you or guests need it. Ensure all your guests know that your wedding will be hosted outside so they can dress appropriately and bring any possible supplies. Think about bridal clothing options for if the temperature drops.

Prepare deodorant, a mini fan and oil blotting sheets so you can look picture perfect. Be aware of older guests and children who may be suffering more from the elements and ensure refreshments are provided throughout the day. Remember that guests may not be able to hear the ceremony outside so set up speakers and enquire with your venue if they have any advice to help it go off without a hitch. If the weather has really taken a turn, venues often provide an inside area to ensure your event can still go on.

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

Outdoor wedding decorations on a budget

One of the pros of an outdoor wedding is that you don’t need to break the bank buying decor. Allow nature to be your backdrop and make the most of it. The trees and flowers make the perfect setting for photos. Choose a venue that has sweeping views for you and your guests to enjoy. Make use of sites like eBay and Amazon which have a plethora of decor on a budget and ask friends and family members if they can lend you things they used on their own wedding. Consider keeping with the natural theme and decorate with garlands of roses, fairy lights and petals on the ground. An archway is always popular for outdoor weddings and a great place for a photo opt. If you’re going to be using confetti ensure its biodegradable so you aren’t damaging the nature around you after the big event.

Outdoor wedding decorations on a budget

Outdoor wedding checklist

When considering what you’ll need for your outdoor wedding, there are obviously a few things which differ. It’s preferable that you will have more time on your side when looking to tie the knot outside, as there is more preparation. If you have your heart set on a date, simply prepare yourself for a little extra planning. With organisation, anything is achievable. Don’t be afraid to let friends and family members get involved and help you out. The experience is more special if everyone gets involved and it takes so much pressure off.

  • Find a venue who facilitate outdoor weddings. Shop around and ask the vendors about their process and how they can help you achieve the big day of your dreams
  • It’s more than likely you won’t need it, but find a plan B. Having a backup plan will keep you inevitably calmer in the lead-up
  • Speak to your chosen entertainment about what they might need for an outdoor performance such as shade and temperature control
  • Decide how you are going to provide food for your guests. Do you want to eat under the marquee or head inside for dinner?
  • Know your audience. Think about what guests need to stay comfortable throughout the day. It could be rugs to sit on through to bottled water
  • Shade and lighting. How are you going to keep guests cool during the ceremony? Similarly, how are you going to provide light for the reception? We love the idea of keeping up with the natural theme and using fairy lights or lanterns
  • Are there going to be uninvited guests at the wedding? Keep bug spray handy to keep critters away
  • Enjoy yourself! This is your event and you deserve to enjoy every second
Outdoor wedding checklist

Outdoor Wedding Venue Swindon

Having an alfresco wedding is truly special. If you need a team that will make it go off without a hitch, choose Alexandra House. Our stunning venue provides the setting for your fairytale wedding on the edge of the charming Cotswolds. The sweeping gardens are the perfect settings for laughs, love and photographs and the natural beauty will take you away. Our chefs can offer an exquisite wedding menu which is tailored to your day. We can cater to all dietary requirements so if you fancy a lavish sit-down dinner or a buffet with everyone’s favourites, your sure to be blown away by the flavour. After the big day, unwind in one of our luxury rooms and make use of our leisure facilities. We cannot wait to host your outdoor wedding so get in contact with us today.

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