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8 of the Best Office Christmas Themes

Hurrah for the holiday season! It’s time to celebrate the hard work of your employees and what better way to do so than with an awesome office Christmas theme? However, if you find yourself super busy with managing projects, you might not have time to get your creative hat on and think of unique and unusual Christmas themes for work parties.

That’s why we have put together our top office Christmas themes that your employees are guaranteed to love. These ideas are fun, and festive and are perfectly suited for the holiday season.

Christmas Party Themes for Work

  1. Winter Wonderland 
  2. Christmas Masquerade Ball 
  3. Ugly Christmas Jumper Party
  4. The Great Gatsby
  5. All Inclusive Party Night
  6. Christmas Circus
  7. Festive Movie Marathon
  8. Santa’s Workshop

With Christmas party season around the corner, it’s probably time to get planning with the amazing party you’re going to throw for your employees and to help you along the way, here are our top themes for Christmas parties at work!

Christmas Party Themes for Work

1. Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

It’s time to make your corporate party magical with this office Christmas theme. Winter Wonderland is a traditional Christmas party theme for work and always goes down a treat with the team. There is just something truly mesmerising about a white Christmas, hot chocolate and ice skating. It’s the Christmas we tend to dream about each year.

So why not bring the work Christmas party theme to your employees? Decorate your office with stunning white drapes, fairy lights, DIY snowflakes and blue & silver tinsel. If you want to go all out, then think about spending some of the budget on a fancy ice sculpture for the table centrepiece.

The food and drink can be kept simple with mulled wine, icy vodka cocktails, coconut balls and a sweet & savoury finger buffet. The Winter Wonderland Christmas party theme for work is an awesome idea and is always a winner. If you are a larger corporate company and have the budget, then you can always find an indoor ski slope to take your employees before the party starts.

If you don’t have time for the planning, we have stunning Winter Wonderland joiner party nights throughout December for only £39 per person! This includes a Winter Wonderland theme, red carpet arrival, a lavish 3-course meal, a DJ and dance floor and so much more!

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Christmas Party Themes for Work

2. Christmas Masquerade Ball

Next on our list of top office Christmas party themes is, of course, the masquerade ball. The glamour of this theme is what makes it so favourable amongst people. Masquerade balls sweep you back to the Italian Renaissance, an era bombarded with rich materials, deep red and gold wall drapings and themed backdrops.

Tell your employees to dress to impress. Masquerade balls are sophisticated and elegant and to really make it a success, your team have to be willing to go all out! Suits, dresses and of course, eye masks are what truly makes an outstanding office Christmas theme.

For people who come without a mask, set up an eye making station so that your employees can get creative. All you’ll need is some coloured card, string, felt pens, feathers and of course glitter. You can keep the food simple with a finger buffet but should go all out with elegant and tasty cocktails. A masquerade theme is also the perfect excuse to hire a photo booth out for the day with funky props. These will provide for great keepsakes and you can post the pictures around the office to make it livelier once the holiday period is over.

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Christmas Party Themes for Work

3. Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

We all know that Christmas jumper day is celebrated every year on the Friday that is closest to 2 weeks before Christmas and usually this is the perfect date to throw your office Christmas party. Christmas jumper day is a fantastic cause and all donations go to Save the Children. Make sure you register your company and get all your employees to donate £2 to wear a Christmas jumper. You can also post about the cause on social media and try to get your followers to donate as well!

To make this totally unique, turn the event into an ugly jumper office Christmas theme. We’re thinking clashing colours, an array of patterns and of course totally unflattering fits. Have a fashion show where employees have to do a catwalk in their masterpieces and all vote on who you think has the ugliest Christmas jumper! The winner can win a prize like a bottle of fizz or some fancy Christmas chocolates.

As the organiser and manager, make sure you bring some spare ugly sweaters with you, this way even the scrooges who don’t buy themselves can be involved! You can also bring other props with you such as reindeer ears and Rudolph’s noses so people can really go all out with the ugliness.

Christmas Party Themes for Work

4. The Great Gatsby Party

I say, old sport! It’s time to go back in time to the roaring ’20s with a Great Gatsby office Christmas theme. The 1920s were a time where aspirations were high, and everything was about style. Music was fun, quirky and all about jazz and swing. If you need a good playlist, then, of course, the Great Gatsby film soundtrack is an easy win.

Turn your office space into a glamorous 20’s ballroom with themed décor such as backdrops, drapes and table settings that scream sophistication. The drink choice is east, with an array of martinis on tap for your team to enjoy. Food can be kept simple with a finger buffet but if you want to go all out, then organise to hold the even in a private dining room with a lavish 3 course meal.

Your employees should most definitely dress for the occasion. We’re talking about flapper dresses, headpieces, cigarette holders, fancy suits and ties. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up and a Great Gatsby Christmas party theme for work is the ideal occasion!

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Christmas Party Themes for Work

5. All-inclusive Party Nights

If you really don’t have time to organise a Christmas party with awesome Christmas themes for work parties, then why not arrange a Christmas party night at a hotel? It’s as easy as it gets. At Alexandra House in Swindon, we have a number of Christmas party nights available to choose from. 

Opt for an astonishing Winter Wonderland theme or keep it elegant and sophisticated with one of our shared party nights. Our joiner party nights are perfect for smaller organisations. For only £36 per person, you will enjoy a red carpet arrival, drinks reception, a 3-course meal followed by coffee and mince pies, novelties on your table, a DJ and dance floor and accommodation options available. We have dates throughout November and December, so will have no trouble finding a space.

For larger corporate groups, why not have a Private Christmas party? We have a number of rooms that we totally transform into beautiful Christmassy surroundings. For only £36 per person you get your very own private room, a red-carpet arrival, a lavish 3-course meal and a DJ and dance floor.

Christmas Party Themes for Work

6. Christmas Circus

A Christmas circus theme is an excellent choice for work Christmas parties as it combines the festive spirit of the season with the whimsy and entertainment of a circus. Incorporating this work Christmas party theme can include setting up a circus tent-style venue, complete with colourful decorations, twinkling lights, and circus banners. 

Entertainment options could feature circus acts like jugglers, acrobats, and clowns, providing an engaging and memorable experience for colleagues. Food and drinks can be served from carnival-style stalls with cotton candy, popcorn, and festive treats. Costumes like ringmasters, circus performers, and even holiday-themed circus animals can be encouraged, adding a playful and creative touch.

Christmas Party Themes for Work

7. Festive Movie Marathon

A festive movie marathon theme is a fantastic choice for work Christmas parties because it combines the cosiness of Christmas films with a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. To incorporate this work Christmas party theme, transform your office space into a cosy winter wonderland with blankets, pillows, and twinkling lights. Set up a screening area with a selection of beloved Christmas movies, allowing colleagues to vote on their favourites. Serve a variety of movie snacks like popcorn, hot chocolate, and Christmas-themed treats. 

Why not encourage everyone to wear their cosiest pajamas or ugly Christmas sweaters for a relaxed, movie-night atmosphere? This theme for Christmas parties at work fosters a sense of nostalgia and togetherness, making it a delightful and low-key option for a memorable work Christmas party.

Christmas Party Themes for Work

8. Host a Santa’s Workshop

Hosting a Santa’s workshop theme for a work Christmas party is a fantastic idea as it taps into the enchantment of the holiday season and encourages team bonding. Transforming your workspace into Santa’s Workshop with festive decorations, toy-making stations, and holiday music creates a joyful and immersive atmosphere. 

Colleagues can engage in creative activities and office Christmas party games like decorating ornaments, wrapping gifts, or even crafting personalised holiday cards for charity. This Christmas-themed party not only brings out the spirit of giving but also provides an opportunity for team members to connect and collaborate in a fun and festive setting, making it an excellent choice for a work Christmas party.

Get Planning Your Work Christmas Party Today!

So, there you have our list of the top 8 best office Christmas themes. We hope that you have something to take away and that you are ready to start planning your work Christmas do! For a quick recap, our very best office Christmas themes are:

Remember, at Alexandra House, we always offer a helping hand. If you find yourself too busy to organise your staff Christmas party, then give us a call to discuss one of the awesome Christmas party nights we have planned throughout the festive season and save the planning for us.

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