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Out of the box meeting ideas to keep your employees engaged

Meetings have the capacity to enable or stifle creativity so make sure that your meetings are engaging for your employees. Here are some tips to keep them engaged. Start with wins Begin on a positiv...


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Alternative Christmas dinners for your work office do

If you’re all sick of having turkey at Christmas (or you know that you’re going to be eating a lot of it during the festive season) don’t despair, there are plenty of alternatives for you. Take ...


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Fun themes for the work Christmas party

With Christmas just around the corner, party season is coming into full swing. If you've been nominated to plan the work party this year, it's vital to get started as soon as you can. This way you hav...


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15 fantastic office Christmas party games for adults

The annual Christmas party has the potential to bring employees together or be a dull night of stale entertainment. Here are 15 games that you can use during your party to liven it up. Guess the numb...


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How to plan the perfect outdoor wedding

Having an outdoor wedding is like something from a fairytale, with the birds chirping, leaves blowing in the wind and the unity between you and your significant other. It's a really special idea for a...


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Eight tips for the best man

Being asked to be a best man is a rewarding experience. To be so involved in someone's big day is really special, so you need to get it right. We've put together a guide of eight tips to be the perfec...


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Top reasons to hold your wedding in Wiltshire

When you’re planning your wedding, there are so many things to think about, what to wear, who to invite, what to do during the day and – of course – where to have your wedding. To help you make ...


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10 Tips for Making a Good Venue Even Better

Make a good choice The first step to a great event is choosing a fantastic venue. Shop around as much as possible and get quotes. Compare each venue and note down things you like about it. You can so...


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Are wedding planners worth it?

These days, wedding planners are all the rage. It takes some of the stress away from the lead up to the big day. It's also great to have another professional pair of hands on board. But do you really ...


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How to pick your dream wedding venue

No matter where you have your wedding, it's sure to be an amazing day. Whether you want a large celebration or just an intimate crowd of friends, you’ll never forget it. However, of course, you’ll...


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