Top 5 Gazebo Party Decorating Ideas For Adults

If you’re looking forward to the Summer like we are, we’re sure you’ll be frantically trying to come up with lots of gazebo party decorating ideas ready to wow your guests in a few months’ time. With our extensive list, you’ll be set to impress no matter the season. Throwing a party is always a good idea, and with a little bit of assistance from us at Alexandra House, decorating a gazebo for a party will be the easiest thing in the world.

5 Exciting Gazebo Party Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

1) Delicate Drapes For Your Gazebo Party

There’s nothing quite as elegant or romantic as draped fabric. Whatever your colour scheme, hanging drapes around your gazebo is the perfect way to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, without making the space seem small or too busy. There’s also lots of room for your imagination to wander and to really let your creative side loose.

Crafting your own loops and tie backs to hold your drapes in place can be a really lovely way to put your own stamp onto your celebration, as well as being an out-of-the-box gazebo party decorating idea that can manifest into something you can keep with you long after the party has finished. Whether you use rope or ribbon, the choice really is yours.

As well as this, creating your own drapes can be incredibly cost-effective if you really want it to be. Of course, if you fancy splashing the cash, you can visit plenty of online alternatives in order to bag the drapes of your dreams.

2) Fabulous Gazebo Party Fairy Lights

gazebo party decorating ideas

In our personal opinion, if you think you’ve already got enough fairy lights: you haven’t got enough fairy lights. If you’re wanting to create a close-knit and cosy atmosphere, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t achieve by hanging some string lights up and around your gazebo. For more of a warm glow, opt for gold string lights and opposed to white ones. White string lights will create a more sophisticated and clean-cut atmosphere.

For example, ensure your guests make an entrance with these curtain-style lights. We guarantee you’ll be feeling like a VIP in no time at all. However, if you really want to make an impression, we recommend this style of hanging lights. These will go a long way towards making your gazebo feel smaller, but not restricted.

3) Get Botanical With Your Gazebo Party Ideas

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You may already be in your back garden, and you may already be completely surrounded by beautiful greenery left, right, and centre. This is no excuse not to hang and place decorative plants everywhere you can!

Whether you’re a careful curator, or more of a ‘let it fend for itself’ kind of plant parent, decorating your gazebo with aspects of nature will ALWAYS look incredible. If you’re unsure of what kind of plant to take under your wing, The Bloombox Club takes all of the difficulty out of choosing your next guilty plant pleasure.

Working on a subscription-style basis, simply sign up with Bloombox and you’ll get a beautiful new plant, pot, and special bonus presents delivered on a schedule that works around yours. However, if you’re lucky enough to already know exactly what you want, you can choose from a wide selection of plants they have available.

4) Throw Your Own Gazebo Party At Alexandra House

At Alexandra House, we love a good party as much as the next fantastic hotel or venue! What we love most, however, is hosting your party and being able to celebrate with you! We boast 20 acres of stunning outdoor grounds, meaning that it’s the perfect place to put up your own gazebo and throw a party to remember. We can comfortably accommodate a marquee for up to 500 guests, so no event is too big!

If you want to keep the party going all night long, that’s perfectly okay with us. We offer an array of rooms in our beautiful hotel, and booking them for you and your guests has never been easier. Get in touch with our friendly team at Alexandra House today to ensure you get the dates you require.

5) Seasonal Touches To Your Gazebo Decorations

gazebo party decorating ideas

If your gazebo party happens to fall at the very height of Summer, congratulations. You can throw the ultimate Summer gazebo garden party, complete with water balloon fights, fun party games, and a fantastic Summer BBQ. With the sun shining, you’ll be well on your way to partying into the night! However, if you’re planning on throwing a gazebo party at any other time of year, it can be quite difficult to decorate accordingly.

Picture this: a light dusting of snow on the ground, and your entire gazebo covered in Christmas lights. Decorations that look just like festive presents line the entrance to the gazebo, and the smell of mulled wine and hot chocolate fills the air.

Or even this: Autumn is quickly approaching, and leaves crunch underfoot. The world has an orange hue, and pumpkins (real or otherwise) are scattered around the outskirts of your gazebo. Whenever you’re throwing your gazebo party, by including some iconic elements of the season, you’re bound to create an atmosphere like no other.

Top 5 Gazebo Party Decorating Ideas For Adults Conclusion

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Decorating a gazebo for a party has truly never been more exciting! Whatever your style might be, we hope that our list of top 5 gazebo party decorating ideas gave you a little bit of inspiration. Whether you’re a decor professional or an amateur who’s simply trying their best: as long as you love how your party looks, that’s all that matters. Just to recap, here are our top 5 gazebo party decorating ideas:

  1. Delicate Drapes For Your Gazebo Party
  2. Fabulous Gazebo Party Fairy Lights
  3. Get Botanical With Your Gazebo Party
  4. Gazebo Party Home-Made Jar Lanterns
  5. Seasonal Touches To Your Gazebo Party

Looking to throw the gazebo party of your dreams in the Wiltshire area? We recommend celebrating with us here, at Alexandra House. We are an absolutely stunning hotel and function venue, as well as being surrounded by picture-perfect gardens perfect for any outside celebration.

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