Fun Things To Do Outside for Adults

We don’t want to get our hopes up, but quite frankly it’s a little too late! The sun has begun to poke it’s head around the clouds here in the UK, and with Boris Johnson’s recent announcement regarding Britain’s return to relative normality, it’s been very difficult not to start planning lots of fun things to do outside, and preparing for an exciting summer indeed. 

Although it’s tricky to not be able to hang out with your friends and family as the weather begins to get warmer, there are still lots of socially-distanced, lockdown-abiding and fun outdoor activities for teenagers and adults you can take part in while you wait for summertime to officially arrive. 

The Ultimate Top 5 Fun Things To Do Outside

1) Plan A Picnic

fun things to do outside plan a picnic

Picnics combine an excellent mix of everyone’s favourite things: food, friends, and gingham-printed blankets. Okay, maybe you’re not a huge fan of the latter, but a quaint picnic in the sunshine holds a special place in the hearts of everybody. No matter who you’re sitting 6-feet-apart from, eating together is scientifically proven to strengthen bonds and bring communities closer together.

The great thing about a picnic is that no matter what the Great British weather decides to throw at you, you can quickly put up an umbrella, cross your fingers and hope for the best! Dress up or dress down: whatever the situation may call for, settling down for a picnic is a fantastic and fun thing to do outside for both adults and teenagers.

So take to your local park, stuff your face, maybe even give flying a kite a go! Whether you want to go on a picnic, or you’re trying to encourage your teen to, remember that this is a fun activity for all and it really is all about what you make it. Make it delicious, make it pretty, but most importantly: make it social media worthy!

2) Go Hiking

fun things to do outside go for a hike

Lace-up your comfiest pair of boots and get ready to take the trek of a lifetime. It’s often best to wake up early, treat yourself to a big(ish) and healthy(ish) breakfast, and set off for a day of walking and talking with your socially-distanced nearest and dearest.

If you don’t fancy casual chit-chat, that’s also understandable. Head on out armed with your headphones and your fully charged mobile phone, and it’s definitely one of many fun things to do outside. 

We recommend filling your backpack with a bottle of water, plenty of snacks, a portable phone charger, plasters (just in case!), and anything else that’s relatively light that you feel might come in handy. It’s important to not weigh yourself down with unnecessary items, but it’s always best to consider the potential weather conditions, as well as knowing what your body might need later on down the line.  

3) Sleep Under The Stars

fun things to do outside camp under stars

There’s nothing more ‘coming-of-age movie’ or stereotypically romantic than stargazing. Camping, or even simply setting up the back of someone’s car (when the lockdown rules allow you to) with blankets, glow in the dark decor and fairy lights, is the perfect way to bring two people that little bit closer together, whether you’re romantically inclined or otherwise.

To make things a little more interesting (as if staring at the sky and talking about the really big questions in life wasn’t enough), there are plenty of mobile apps you can download that gives you the ability to figure out exactly what stars you’re looking at. For example, just point your devices’ camera towards the night sky, and Star Walk 2 will help you identify what constellations are directly around you. 

4) Perform Acts Of Kindness

fun things to do outside note of kindness

Everyone deserves to have their day brightened, even if it’s just by a little bit. Especially at the moment, keeping things light-hearted and full of smiles has never been more important. So, consider spending the day writing anonymous notes for strangers, leaving flowers around your local area, and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone you meet. If you’re confident enough, why not actually tell someone how much you like their shoes, or how lovely their coat looks on them?

Who doesn’t love reading or hearing words of affirmation? By creating these sweet notes and leaving them about, you’re guaranteed to not only be making someone else’s day better, but you’re bound to get that warm glow for yourself.  It’s also an example of some sweet and fun things to do outside!

5) Green Fingered Fun

fun things to do outside gardening

Gardening during the spring and summer months is usually the most fun, not to mention the time of year where whatever you plant has the highest chance of growing successfully. However, each season brings its own range of plants, fruits and vegetables, and as the seasons change so do your chances to switch it up a bit! 

If you’re thinking about starting your vegetable patch in the spring, planting vegetables like beetroot, Brussel sprouts and carrots is definitely a step in the right direction. If you’re simply wanting to spruce up the exterior of your home during the spring months, planting daffodils, tulips and rhododendrons are bound to grow fantastically and look ever so pretty. In the winter, however, parsnips, broccoli, and a variety of herbs might just be your best bet to make it through those chilly spells. 

Fun Things To Do Outside for Both Adults and Teenagers Conclusion

Despite the distance we have to keep from each other during this period, it’s important to remember that it won’t always be this way. One day, sooner rather than later, we’ll be able to do a number of outdoor activities with our friends and family, and all of this waiting and following lockdown guidelines will all be worth it, knowing that we’ve kept both ourselves and others safe. However, just to recap, here are our top 5 fun things to do outside and keep yourself busy: 

  1. Plan A Picnic
  2. Go Hiking
  3. Sleep Under The Stars
  4. Perform Acts of Kindness
  5. Green Fingered Fun

If you’re staying at our stunning hotel Alexandra House, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities for adults, activities for teens and children to take part in Swindon and the surrounding area. Whether you’re choosing to stay with us with your whole family, your significant other, or just by yourself, there’s a wide range of things to do in the local area that is bound to leave you with amazing stories and fond memories. 

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