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12 Fun Family Party Games For Adults and Kids

Family get-togethers and game nights are great fun, whether that’s for a birthday, Christmas, Halloween or any other seasonal event. Each family has their own traditions.

Maybe you have a certain movie you watch together or a game of cards you each like to play or even pin the tail on the donkey or hot potato! They’re both frequent visitors. We’re sure everyone has played two truths and a lie enough times to be able to do it in their sleep!

However, looking for new game ideas that the whole family will love can be challenging. So we’ve put together 12 of the best fun family party games for all ages. Kids and adults alike will find these great family games awesome, educational and entertaining.

Planning family events isn’t easy, especially when you are hosting from your home. There’s the space, food and decorations to think about, let alone the entertainment. At Alexandra House, we have hosted many family celebrations and party nights, so we have seen an abundance of hilarious fun family party games that are suitable for all ages. These family party game ideas don’t cost the world so you can save money whilst still hosting the big event of the year.

Fun Family Party Games For All Ages

So let’s get started on our 12 fun family party games that are suitable for any small or large group or age and you can start your plan for the best family get together. Remember, some of these fun games are easy to play, some are a little bit less so. It’s important to try them for yourself and figure out which ones are right for you and your family.

1) Play The “Speak Out” Family Party Game

This is one of the best family party games you could play with your loved ones. Hilarious for family, friends and guests, the Speak Out game by Hasbro has recently become a sensation with images and videos of people playing the game streamed across their social media accounts.

The aim of the game is to try to say different phrases from the cards supplied whilst wearing a small mouthpiece that makes it near impossible to talk! Choose a card, start the timer and get your team to guess what you’re saying. Which family team will win? Speak Out will make for a great photo and leave everyone laughing.

You can buy Speak Out on Amazon for under £10.

2) Compete In A Family Wheelbarrow Race

A family classic that is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Host an awesome family BBQ out in the garden and have some competitive fun.

The wheelbarrow race is a competitive game where teams of two race each other. One player is essentially the driver and the other is the wheelbarrow. The driver holds the player’s ankles, whilst the other player walks with their hands to the finish line. Everyone who takes part in this fun family party game will find themselves giggling away and is one of the best family party game ideas.

fun family party games

3) Play The Party Game “Twerk Pong”

This ‘minute to win it’ game is the best fun family party game you can play. The simple creation has recently become a big hit in many households and is ideal for Christmas and birthdays. The idea of the game is to put your twerking skills to the test. Fill your box up with ping pong balls and race to see who can empty their box quickest (strictly twerking only though!).

The Fizz Creations Twerk Pong has 3 gaming options; a head to head battle, a team game with more than 2 players and finally, the time trials game. This is where you’ll need a timer, pen and paper. This game is cause for some real laughs and is a super fun family party game to play with adults and little ones alike.

Fizz Creations Twerk Pong is affordable on Amazon for under £10 and you can get more ideas on Pinterest.

4) Have A Family “Pie Face” Game Night

Another one of the best fun family party games there is on the market at the moment is Hasbro’s Pie Face. This board game is by far one of the most entertaining and kids will love it. All you need to supply is some whipped cream.

Add the whipped cream to the hand on the board game and start turning the handles. But be careful! The hand could go off and SPLAT you in the face at any moment.

You get a point each time you spin the handle and don’t get a splat in the face. So button up and see who the winner will be.

You can buy this fun family party game from Amazon.

fun family party games

5) Play “Who Am I?” With Your Family

The Who Am I? guessing game is perfect for all ages. The aim of the game is pretty simple, can you guess correctly? Every player pins a card to their forehead and the player must guess who they are by asking questions.

You can buy this game on Amazon, however, if you want to save some money then this is super easy to DIY and is completely free.

All you need to do is get some sticky notes and a pen! Write down your favourite actor, musician, kids TV character, animal or even items and stick it to the players head. DIY is probably the best option for little ones as it means you can tailor the game to people they will know. Make a list of fun people and characters beforehand so you know exactly who you want to write down on your sticky note. This one is a real winner at all family events!

Buy these fun family party games on Amazon.

6) Have A “Musical Chairs” Party Game Contest

Another fun family party game that is a total classic. Everyone knows musical chairs and is a staple event and any children’s party.

First of all, set up your chairs back-to-back and sit in a circle. The aim of the game is simple – when the music stops each player must sit on a chair. However, there are fewer chairs than players and the person left standing is eliminated. You then remove another chair and start again until you have a winner.

You can also make up some of your own rules to make it more interesting. For example, allow players to sit on top of each other but both their feet must be off the ground too. Musical chairs are one of the best fun family party games for all ages and are both challenging, funny and completely free to play!

fun family party games

7) Challenge Your Family To A Game Of “Sticker Stalker”

This one is a fantastic game to play with your family at Christmas or Halloween. Purchase a bag of stickers (of course, we like to make them seasonal!), and give everyone family member a sheet of 10 stickers.

You then must discretely put all stickers on other family members without them noticing. The first player to use all their stickers is the winner. However, if you get caught, you must then accept a sticker from the family member who caught you.

This one makes for some real laughs and you can chat at the end about who the sneakiest sticker is and how you got so many on your back!

8) Play Charades As A Family Party Game

Charades is a fun family party game for all ages. The player must think of a book title, a famous person’s name, a movie or a song and then pantomime the word or phrase to the other players on your team.

There are some common clues that you can use in charades, for example, to indicate a movie, pretend to crank an old movie camera and to indicate a book, pretend to open up and read a book.

To really keep this in the family, you can play family charades, where you think of an event from your family’s past and act it out. This is best for those ‘I want the ground to swallow me up’ hilarious moments that you can all joke about together. These fun family party games for kids and adults are completely free to play and will keep everyone entertained for hours.

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9) Try To Keep A “Straight Face” With This Party Game

Who can keep the straight face for the longest? Grab a pen and paper and each player must write a phrase, memory or anything simply outrageous on a piece of paper. Put the phrases in a hat and then take it in turns to pull one out and read aloud to the rest of the family. If you smile or laugh, then you are out!

You can also play this fun family party game by making silly faces at each other.

10) Challenge Your Family To A Game of “Twister”

Another party night classic. Dedicate someone to spin the wheel whilst the other players share the mat. The spinner will tell you where to put your hands and feet. Who can stay standing the longest without falling over?

This fun family party game is awesome for all ages but is also hysterical for adults to play once the kids have gone to bed and you’ve had a few glasses of wine.

You can buy the fun family party game, Twister, from Amazon.

fun family party games

11) Treat Yourself And Play “The Doughnut Game”

The ideal family game to play if you’ve got a sweet tooth! This fun family party game I’m sure has been a classic at many of your children’s parties over the years. All you need for this to be a success is some ring doughnuts, string and a table.

Get the ring doughnuts and tie a bit of string around the middle. Then tape the string to the top of the table so that the doughnuts are dangling down. The aim of the game is for each player to sit on the floor in front of the doughnut with their hands around their back. The player to eat the whole doughnut first without using their hands is the winner!

This is a delicious and fun family party game to play.

12) Play The “Cereal Box” Party Game

This is perfect for Christmas or any family event and will be sure to leave the whole family laughing. All you need is an empty cereal box and you can have endless amounts of fun.

Place the cereal box on the ground and each family member must pick it up with their mouth. You are not allowed to use your hands at all! If you fall, or simply can’t reach, you’re out.

Once each family member has had their turn, cut the cereal box a bit so that it is closer to the ground and start again. The last person standing (and most flexible), is the winner. This fun family party game is great because it is cheap and affordable.

fun family party games

Fun Family Party Games Recap

So, there you have it, the top 12 best fun family party games for all ages. I hope you have got some great ideas to start planning your next family celebration. To recap, our 12 fun family party games are:

  1. Speak Out
  2. Wheelbarrow Race
  3. Twerk Pong
  4. Pie Face
  5. Who Am I?
  6. Musical Chairs
  7. Sticker Stalker
  8. Charades
  9. Straight Face
  10. Twister
  11. Donut Game
  12. Cereal Box Game

All of the above games are cheap and affordable, if not free! They are ideal for adults and children alike and will keep the whole family entertained for hours. If you have any of your own ideas, or have tried out the above games, then leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

Alexandra House is a party venue in Wiltshire and we have hosted many successful family celebrations. If you have an idea for a party that you would like to host at our venue, then drop us an email and we will be happy to assist. Our event planners will go above and beyond to ensure that your next family celebration goes to plan.

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