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Dog Walks in Swindon – 10 Best Wiltshire Dog Walks

Looking for local dog walks in Swindon? Then you have landed on the right page! We have put together our list of the very best dog walks in Wiltshire, Swindon. 

Whether you are after secure dog fields, forests or country parks, we have listed the nearest walks where you can take your four-legged friend! 

Alexandra House is a dog friendly hotel in Swindon, so we know a thing or two about the local area. We know all the very best dog walking routes in Swindon and can advise you on walks ranging from easy to challenging.  

So, what are the best dog walks in Swindon? We go into more detail below, but our favourite dog walks in Wiltshire are: Stanton Country Park, Lydiard Park, Avebury Stone Circle, Mouldon Hill Country Park, Coate Water, The Ridgeway Trail, Barbury Castle, Shaw Forest Park, Marlborough Down Trail and Savernake Forest. 

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10 best dog walks in Swindon

We have established that you are looking for the best dog walks in Swindon, so let’s get started with our favourite walking routes around the local area that welcome waggy-tailed friends! 

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1) Stanton Country Park

Stanton Country Park is a 185-acre country park, 36 of which are of Nature Reserve status including the lake woodland and grassland. 

The beautiful lake is a wonderful spot to go dog walking in Swindon, bringing you peace and making you feel at one with nature. 

On your walk, you will come across a tonne of habitats and wildlife such as beautiful wildflower meadows, remnants of ancient woodland, over 900 species of fungi, amphibians, invertebrates, large mammals, owls and birds. 

This dog walking route is situated in the centre of Swindon and is easily accessible for all. Stanton Country Park is a mostly flat surface, especially around the lake, so is perfect for walkers and hikers of all levels. 

The car park is free and you will find facilities such as baby changing units, cycle racks, toilets and a demonstration farmhouse kitchen garden. 

Directions to Stanton Country Park

2) Lydiard Park

If stunning parkland and historic estates are what you’re after, then Lydiard Park is one of the best dog walks in Swindon to venture on! 

Lydiard House is a Grade I listed Palladian house and is simply breathtaking to look at. Although dogs aren’t allowed inside the premises, the outside is just as beautiful to take in. 

There are lots to see at Lydiard Park, such as the Walled Garden, which is a rare example of an 18th century Walled Garden. The garden is divided into six sections with wide pathways where you can walk along with trimmed shrubs and perennial plants. 

You will need to purchase tickets for the Walled Garden and dogs are not permitted here. 

If you are after an affordable day out with your pup, then the park itself is enough to enjoy. With 260 acres of landscape with lawns, woodlands, lakes and pasture, you won’t be stuck for interesting and lovely walking routes. 

You’ll see plenty of wildlife around the lake and many of the 18th-century landscapes have been restored to their natural beauty.

Lydiard Park is definitely one of the better dog walking routes in Wiltshire and you can make a whole day of it in the summer. There are static BBQs available to hire and a wealth of open space for picnics in the BBQ field. 

This is a family-friendly park with a large children’s playground, cafe and toilets. 

Directions to Lydiard Park

3) Avebury Stone Circle

If unique and spirituality is the mood you’re after, then Avebury Stone Circle is a fantastic place for dog walking in Swindon. 

Based in Marlborough, Avebury Stone Circle is one of the greatest historical landmarks of prehistoric Britain! Built roughly between 2850 BC and 2200 BC, the stones survive as a circular bank and ditch. This is one of the largest stone circles in Britain and is well worth a visit if you are staying at Alexandra House. 

This is a great place to go dog walking and there are plenty of other sites around Avebury that you can venture to such as Silbury Hill, Windmill Hill and The Sanctuary. These sets of Neolithic and Bronze age ceremonial sites are great for exploring the history of our country. 

When visiting Avebury Stone Circle, it is advised that dogs be kept on a lead as sheep may be grazing in some areas. Some paths are uneven and muddy, so be sure to wear wellies or your hiking boots as well. 

You’ll find toilets near the Alexander Keiller Museum and there are some wonderful cafes within Avebury. The stone circle is only 10 miles from Alexandra House, so can easily be reached within 15 minutes if you are travelling by car. 

Directions to Avebury Stone Circle

4) Mouldon Hill Country Park

Mouldon Hill Country Park is a 100-metre gill over the River Ray and is only 9 miles from our hotel. This Wiltshire dog walk offers free parking, off lead areas and pathed routes around the lake. 

There is a hill that is perfect to let your pup off the lead for a good runaround, with lots of fields to wander into. 

Mouldon Hill Country Park is a great local dog walking route, which is popular amongst pet owners. You’ll find like-minded people who walk their dogs every day here. 

This is a good place to go for a picnic and to give your dog some good exercise. However, after an hour or so, you would have seen the main attractions and will probably be ready to head out somewhere else. 

Directions to Mouldon Hill Country Park

5) Coate Water

Coate Water is an enormous reservoir that was constructed in 1822 to replenish the Wilts & Berks Canal. Today, however, the reservoir acts as a stunning centrepiece of Swindon. 

This wonderful dog walk in Swindon is just 4.8 miles from our venue and is near junction 15 of the M4 so very easy to get to. 

There are plenty of facilities at Coate Water such as a car park, cafe, toilets, splash park, play area, nature reserve, bird hides, golf, BBQ hire and wheelchair access. This is a family-friendly park and you’ll find a range of activities to keep you busy throughout the day. 

Dogs are allowed around the park freely, but restrictions may apply to certain areas. 

When exploring the nature reserve, you may come across deer and fox in the wildflower meadows and a large heronry can be seen from the bird hides. 

Coate Water is also a fantastic starting point for hikers! You will find routes of all levels, starting with a 1.75 (2.8km) route around the lake. If you and your waggy-tailed friend are after a longer dog walk around Wiltshire, then you will find routes to Hodson, Chiseldon and Barbury Castle.

Coate Water is a great day out for friends and families, with BBQ hire available for a hot summer’s day. 

Directions to Coate Water

6) The Ridgeway Trail

Definitely one of the very best dog walks in Wiltshire is The Ridgeway Trail! This is popularly known as ‘Britain’s Oldest Road’ and consists of 87 miles of beautiful landscape. The trail starts in Avebury and ends in Ivinghoe Beacon. 

You will find walking routes of all abilities and will see some spectacular landscape en route. The Ridgeway Trail is very popular amongst dog walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders. 

On your dog walk, you might pass through the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding natural Beauty (AONB), where you will view wide-open scenery of chalk downland. 

Before you head out, you will want to take a look at the route descriptions for information about accessibility. 

If you are a keen dog walker and want to explore the natural beauty of The Ridgeway Trail, there are a wealth of circular routes to choose from. These circular routes stretch from anywhere between 4 – 12 miles, each with its own difficulty. 

Make sure you do your research before choosing your hiking route to ensure you are choosing an option suited to your fitness level. 

You can also download the AllTrails App, where you can find detailed instructions on each circular route, ensuring you are trekking in the right direction and don’t get lost! 

Directions to The Ridgeway Trail

7) Barbury Castle

Barbury Castle was originally built in the Iron Age and the remains of the castle are still standing strong. The 60-hectare site will provide you with a wealth of wildlife and chalk grassland. 

Barbury Castle is situated upon a hill, so you will need some level of fitness to venture around this attraction. En route, you might even be lucky enough to see some unique crop circles!

The Iron Age hillfort was the site of a battle where Cynric defeated the Britons in 557AD. Once you reach the top of the hill, you’ll be able to see some spectacular views of the Marlborough Downs. 

This is one of the best dog walks in Swindon, and we advise you to go at sundown, so you can take in the wonderful sunset! 

Directions to Barbury Castle

8) Shaw Forest Park

Shaw Forest Park is a 40-hectare community woodland that is ideal for dog walkers. With a free car park on site and only 7.8 miles from Alexandra House, this is a great place to walk your pup! 

Shaw Forest Park was originally Old Shaw Farm Landfill, however, it has now reforested over the years. 

On your dog walking adventures, don’t be surprised to see an array of habitats and wildlife such as wildflower meadows, woodlands, grasslands, ponds, wetlands, rare bird species, wildfowl, amphibians, invertebrates, deer, foxes and bats. 

This is one of our favourite dog walks in Swindon, due to its accessibility from our venue. Dogs are allowed to roam freely in the fields and your pup is sure to get some good exercise. Shaw Forest Park is popular amongst the local community so you will be guaranteed to bump into fellow dog walkers on your route.  

Directions to Shaw Forest Park

9) Marlborough Down Trail

Part of the North Wessex Downs, Marlborough Down Trail is an 11.6-kilometre loop trail that starts just 3.7 miles from Alexandra House – perfect for dog walking in Swindon! 

This is a popular trail amongst hikers, dog walkers and bird watchers. On your route, you will get to see a range of wildflowers, wildlife and beautiful views. 

This loop has an elevation gain of 261m, so you can expect mostly flat grounds. 

If you are a pro dog walker, then you can extend the loop to do the Marlborough Downs Ridgeway Circular. This is a 17.7 km (11 miles) loop trail that features beautiful wildflowers and is rated as difficult. The elevation gain is 690m, so expect steep hills within the route. You may also come across mountain bikers, so be careful when letting your furry friends off their leads. 

Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it with one of the Marlborough Down walking routes.

Directions to Marlborough Downs

10) Savernake Forest

If forest walks are your favourite, then this is a must-do dog walk in Wiltshire!

Located to the south of Marlborough, Savernake Forest is rich in history and has lots to explore. It is a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) as well as a registered important historic park, making it the perfect forest for an exciting and educational day out.

When venturing to Savernake Forest, you’ll find walking routes, ancient trees and picnic areas. 

You’ll find a variety of surfaced and non-surfaces paths and tracks, however, the trails in this forest are not waymarked so planning a route beforehand is a must.

Dogs are allowed off their leads, but be careful of wildlife such as deer and horses. Savernake Forest is also popular amongst cyclists, so be wary of upcoming bikes when your dog is roaming around. 

Directions to Savernake Forest

Dog walks in Swindon, the last word! 

dog walks swindon

We hope you have enjoyed this article about our best dog walks in Swindon. We have given you 10 fantastic attractions to visit, all within close proximity to our hotel. If you are looking for a great staycation, with lots of local dog walking routes, then Alexandra House is a dog-friendly hotel that is ideal. 

As a quick recap, the top ten best dog walks in Swindon are: 

  1. Stanton Country Park
  2. Lydiard Park
  3. Avebury Stone Circle
  4. Mouldon Hill Country Park
  5. Coate Water
  6. The Ridgeway Trail
  7. Barbury Castle
  8. Shaw Forest Park
  9. Marlborough Down Trail
  10. Savernake Forest

If you would like any more information on our hotel in Wiltshire, or these fantastic dog walking spots, then contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements! 

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