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10 Best Birthday Party Surprise Ideas


Birthdays are a magical time and we want to make them as special as possible for the people we love; be that your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or kids. No matter your age, planning a surprise birthday party is an excellent way to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Finding surprise birthday ideas can be really challenging, so we’ve put together our top 10 best birthday party surprise ideas that you’ll love!

Best birthday party surprise ideas

Great birthday party surprise ideas often come from the heart. Get ready to write romantic letters, make loving memories and find that perfect gift guaranteed to make your other half happy. Here are our top 10 best birthday party surprise ideas.

Movie Montage

This is a great birthday surprise idea as it’s personal, creative and interesting. Get all of your family and friends to send you a ‘Happy Birthday’ video and any fun clips they may have of good times with the birthday girl or boy!

You can then use websites such as Tribute to make your collaborative video montage. The best part? You don’t need to be a tech genius to make a montage. The website is easy to use and you can create effective and professional videos. A birthday video montage is a touching way to show someone how many people they have in their life who loves them. The video can be sent via email or you can mail an LCD video card ready to arrive on the morning of their birthday. The video could even be played at a birthday party for a special surprise birthday idea for your guest of honour. 

This is a fantastic way to share memories and is a gift idea that is fantastic to send in the post.

surprise birthday ideas

Work Delivery

Having to work on your birthday isn’t the best thing in the world. So why not make the birthday person feel extra special by placing a delivery to their work. Some ideas are flowers, a sweet cake, chocolate or pizza.

Our favourite idea though is to send a box of balloons, that pile out when the box is opened, with a special note on the card. Balloons are fun and last a long time if they are filled with helium. This will give the birthday girl or boy a smile and will make them happy, even if they do have to work on their birthday.

You can view birthday balloon box and more surprise birthday party ideas on Pinterest.

Explore somewhere new

Now is the time to really find out if you’ve been listening to your friend! Instead of a traditional gift, why not plan a birthday party surprise to somewhere they’ve talked about visiting? Getting away for a long weekend is always a nice idea and will make for the birthday treat of the year.

Whether it’s a trip to see new places, go shopping, or to pamper yourself, exploring somewhere new is always fun and doesn’t have to cost the bank. Why not go glamping or stay in an affordable, comfortable hotel? 

Glamping is an excellent surprise party idea for a long weekend of birthday celebrations in the summer. For a more practical, all-weather getaway, why not consider a hotel stay?

The Venues Collection offers a range of locations across the UK with comfortable, welcoming rooms at an affordable price. Alexandra House is based in Swindon, close by to a range of attractions such as beautiful walks, Barbury Castle, as well as being within driving distance to Bath and The Cotswolds. See more Things to Do near Alexandra House.

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Chefs Table

One of our classier birthday party ideas is to organise a ‘chefs table’ event. The idea is to gather 10-12 of your nearest and dearest for a fine dining event. Choose a fancy restaurant that has a specialist menu.

When you and your friends arrive at the restaurant you will be seated at a special area and will be given a set menu of lavish food and wine. You will get talked through each course by the chef in hand and they will share their preparation methods, what wine perfectly complements what course and some anecdotes.

This is a great birthday party surprise idea if you are looking for a more civilized event. There are many restaurants that offer a chef’s table, especially in London. Find a restaurant and menu that you know the birthday person will adore and make their day extra special. You can also share stories and memories over the dinner table and is just a fantastic surprise.

Treasure Hunt

Now this is one for kids and adults alike! You are never too old for a treasure hunt. You can also make this totally personal. It’s also an all-day event that gets funnier throughout the day!

The idea is to plant clues throughout the day and lead them on a wild goose chase. Each new clue can be accompanied by an alcoholic beverage and should take them to different places. For example, one of the clues could take them to a cocktail bar, where you stop for a drink and find the next clue.

The end surprise is up to you. A dinner with friends, a trip to the theatre or maybe a surprise themed party at a venue you’ve hired, kitted out with confetti, balloons and party poppers.

Find the perfect party room with our halls for hire or view more treasure hunt images on Pinterest.

Round the Clock Gifts

We all love presents. Big or small, gift can go a long way. So why not shower the birthday girl or boy with gifts all day! Plan out a set of gifts that you can give each hour.

This doesn’t have to cost the world either. Start off small and build up to the biggest and best gift for last (this could be a trip to a restaurant or bar). You can also get your DIY hat on for this one and make some cute, personal gifts.

You can also gift wrap them and leave them at different locations so you can go on an adventure throughout the day! Leave one with your friend, parents and kids so the birthday person can visit their loved ones throughout the day.

Book a Unique Event

Experience days are an excellent option if you’re looking for a surprise birthday idea. You can find some great deals on unique events, so why not try something new?

There is something for everyone from thrill-seekers to relaxing spa days. No matter your age, you can find an experience day your loved one will appreciate for years to come. For the adventurers, we recommend bungee jumping, skydiving or a supercar driving experience. For those who are after a more relaxing experience, spa days, cooking classes and afternoon tea with a view always go down a treat.

Date Night

This is a birthday party surprise idea for your husband, wife or partner. When you’ve been together for a long time, date nights can become sparse. Planning a romantic date night can be the perfect way to show your loved one just how much you still adore them.

Get a babysitter in for the night and plan an unforgettable date night for just you and your partner. There are so many ideas you can do for a perfect romantic date night, depending on what your partner likes.

This can be a trip to a vineyard for a wine tasting experience, a picnic in a beautiful nature park, a movie night in an outdoor cinema or get a couple’s massage together.

The possibilities are endless when planning a date night. And for the big ending? Stay in a luxury hotel for the evening where you can enjoy a lavish meal and use the spa facilities the next day.

birthday party surprise ideas date night

Themed Party

This is for the people who want to do something BIG. Surprises are great if you can get everyone involved. The planning will be challenging but it sure can be done.

Hire out a party venue and pick a theme to throw the ultimate themed party. The theme is up to you but decade parties always go down a treat as well as movie-themed parties. Invite all your family and friends, shop for some great décor and get the party started.

Lots of venues will give you great party packages where you get everything included. This can include room hire, drapes and table cloths, centerpieces, a DJ and dancefloor and even a buffet-style meal so that you and your guests can enjoy some tasty food.

Tea Party

If you’re looking for a more relaxed surprise birthday party idea, tea parties are an excellent option for any age! Whether you opt for a classic afternoon tea, Mad Hatter Tea Party or boozy tea party for adults, it’s a great option for a party to celebrate a wide range of events from birthdays to baby showers, hen parties to girls nights.

Birthday Party Surprise Ideas Recap

So, there you have it. Our top 10 best birthday party surprise ideas. We hope that you can now get planning and organise the surprise party of the year. To recap, our favourite ideas are:

  1. Movie Montage
  2. Work Delivery
  3. Explore Somewhere New
  4. Chefs Table
  5. Treasure Hunt
  6. Round the Clock Gifts
  7. Book a Unique Event
  8. Date Night
  9. Themed Party
  10. Tea Party

Planning a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party doesn’t have to be stressful! It can be fun and a great way of showing someone how much you care for them. It’s important to choose the right venue when planning a successful surprise party. 

Alexandra House is a celebration venue based in Swindon and we have hosted many different types of birthday parties from overwhelming, huge themed parties to afternoon tea for 10. Browse our private dining rooms to get an idea of the sizes we have available or view our family celebrations page if a family gathering is what you’re after. 

If you’re looking for help when planning the party, our Event Managers are on hand to ensure your surprise party goes off without a hitch. Whatever your plan, celebrate with us and get in touch.

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