The pros and cons of outdoor weddings

The pros and cons of outdoor weddings

When planning a wedding one of the biggest decisions is the venue. You want somewhere that’s fit for a fairytale and that will look stunning in photographs. When choosing a venue, one of the biggest decisions is whether it will be hosted inside or out. Both options are viable and will give you a memorable day. Many couples have always envisioned their wedding surrounded by the natural world, particularly if they enjoy spending time in nature.

Drawbacks of an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings often involve a little extra planning in comparison to indoor. There are some added complications of having a wedding in the elements that need to be mapped out before the big day. Additionally, having a wedding outside may not be to everyone’s tastes, and some may be more affected by the elements than others.

Drawbacks of an outdoor wedding


There are no prizes for saying that British weather is often unpredictable. Even the height of summer can bring showers, and these can fall on your big day. No one wants to get married in the rain, so always ensure you have a backup plan. Perhaps your venue will allow for indoor space to be used if needed. A marquee is your best friend during an outdoor wedding. Many couples choose to have their wedding breakfast inside a marquee or the evening reception. It also provides good shelter for those who are particularly affected by allergies or hot weather.  Always ensure all guests know the setting of the wedding so they can bring sunglasses, sun hats and sun cream. Consider having baskets of water, portable fans and insect repellent around the venue just in case. Scatter the floor with large pillows and blankets to allow for guests to rest if needed. Be aware that particularly young or elderly guests may be more affected by the weather than others. If you are fully prepared, you should be able to combat any downsides of the weather and ensure you have plans in place.

Outdoor wedding decorations


If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, there can be some restrictions. For example, most venues will only allow outdoor weddings during certain months, so if you wanted to set the date on a winter anniversary you may have to consider moving inside. If you plan to have your wedding in a local spot, check with the owners on regulations such as alcohol, noise and number of guests. If you’re tying the note in the park that your other half proposed in, they will have different rules than a wedding venue. Always ensure you find out any restrictions ahead of time so you can work around them if need be. The key to a successful outdoor wedding is planning and you cannot simply do it on a whim. If you have limited time before the big day, perhaps consider an indoor venue.

Benefits of an outdoor wedding

Benefits of an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings can be truly beautiful, especially in the summer months. You really cannot beat the ambience of a wedding outside and if you are willing to plan and prepare, it can go off without a hitch.


An outdoor wedding is the perfect setting for a couple who enjoy camping, hiking and gardening together. If you spend the happiest times in your relationship outside, then why not have this as the setting of your wedding. On a summers day, the natural world will be teaming. Whilst you read your vows you can enjoy the breeze carrying birdsong through the air. If you’re lucky, you might see rabbits hopping around in the distance. If you have little ones at your wedding, there will be plenty of space for them to run and play, and there is room to set up little games if you’d like. Outside lighting is also extremely flattering so you will marvel at the photos of you and your loved ones.

Restrictions of an outdoor wedding

Endless entertainment

If you are hosting your wedding outside, there are so many options for entertainment and catering. For example, if your budget will stretch, you can have a carnival-themed reception. Hire jugglers, entertainers and even fairground rides for you and your guests to enjoy. For catering, you can hire fish and chip vans, candyfloss and popcorn. Choose a theme that’s close to you and your partner and watch as your wedding becomes truly yours. The beauty of outdoor weddings is the amount of space you have. Get creative with it and use that space. You can have different sections for sitting, eating, dancing and games, to make for an action-packed reception.

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