Alternative Christmas dinners

Alternative Christmas dinners for your work office do

If you’re all sick of having turkey at your Christmas roast dinner (or you know that you’re going to be eating a lot of it during the festive season) don’t despair, there are plenty of alternative Christmas dinner recipes for you. Take a look at some of our traditional Christmas dinner ideas and alternatives…


A good potluck, organised well, is a fabulous option for the ultimate Christmas dinner. You can split people into groups – appetisers, mains, sides and desserts so that everyone is bringing something. You will just need to ensure that all dietary requirements are covered and that there is enough variety to keep it interesting, without one or two people having to put in all the money.

Cut out the Turkey

A roast dinner or sit-down meal can be lovely but if it’s the turkey you’re objecting to, cut it out and try one of these alternatives:

1. Italian roast chicken with peppers and olives

This chicken dish is not only colourful but also includes plenty of veg to make sure you’re getting a great start on your five-a-day. You can always add more of the traditional vegetables to your meal, like roast potatoes and some carrots and parsnips roasted with rosemary and thyme.

2. Salmon en croûte

If you’re a fan of fish, try samlon en croûte to get your fix of fish and delicious pastry. Pair with some vegetables and you’re good to go! If it’s your thing, you could always add pâté and some extra herbs.

3. Macaroni and Cheese

It may not be that Christmassy but it’s definitely tasty and the ultimate comfort food! If your friends and family are fans of the dish, why not use it for your Christmas dinner? There’s no reason you can’t still have some vegetables with it and you could even add broccoli or peppers and onion to the dish for a little extra flavour.

4.  Seafood Linguine

Why not combine the last two favourites and go for seafood and pasta with this seafood linguine? You can combine all sorts of seafood for this dish, including crab, lobster, shrimp and scallops – whatever you like really!

Add one of these Delicious Sides Dishes or Desserts!

1. Stuffed Aubergines

Depending on how big you make them, you could have stuffed aubergines as a side, starter or main and delight the vegetarians in your group. Even the meat eaters might like these.

2. Maple-Glazed Sweet Potato Donuts with Candied Bacon

Maple and bacon is a well-known flavour combination and a favourite with many bacon fans so why not give them a treat this Christmas with these sweet potato doughnuts with maple glaze and candied bacon.

3. Coconut Spice Rice Pudding

Spice up your rice pudding with this twist on the traditional rice pudding dish. Perfect for those who can’t have gluten and tasty too!

Check out The Spruce Eats, Red Online and BBC Food for more ideas or talk to our events team about what we could offer you for your Christmas party menu.

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