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8 Cheap Baby shower prize ideas

We all love a baby shower! They are a magical time to celebrate the latest addition to the family. It’s a place where you can gather your friends and family and get excited about the little one you’re about to welcome into this world.

Every baby shower consists of some awesome game playing! But you’ll want your prizes for baby shower games to stay cheap and affordable, yet still be something your guests will love! That’s why we have put together our top 10 cheap baby shower prize ideas, so you can stick to your budget whilst giving the winners something they’ll cherish.

Baby shower prizes for game winners

From party favors to creative gifts, we have all the very best baby shower prize ideas to please your guests. When choosing prizes for baby shower games look for items that won’t just get tossed in the bin. If you know the gender of your baby then choosing a theme is great using blue and pink.

Below you will find cute gifts that your guests will actually appreciate including custom ideas, popular gift choices and inexpensive décor.

Cheap Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Here are our top 10 cheap baby shower prize ideas that your guests will love…

Sugar Scrub

Everyone loves a bit of luxury. And that is exactly what sugar scrub is, a little bit of luxury in a jar. Sugar scrubs are an exfoliating and hydrating body treatment that is a much gentler alternative to salt scrubs.

Online shops such as Etsy sell a range of custom sugar scrubs that look totally awesome. Choose cotton candy whipped sugar scrub for added glitter or choose charcoal sugar scrub for the ultimate exfoliation.

If you really want to make it personal and unique you can get some labels printed to stick on the front of the jar. A perfect gift for your baby shower guests to take home.

Alternatively, if you have a creative flare and want to try out some DIY, then handmade sugar scrubs can be cheap and quick. Pinterest has lots of beautiful recipes including apricot sugar scrub and fresh kiwi sugar scrub! The perfect baby shower prize idea.

cheap baby shower prize ideas sugar scrub

Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini champagne bottles are both affordable and cute! What better baby shower prize to give out than a mini bottle to celebrate the mini-me. The traditional way to celebrate and special occasion, champagne often goes down a treat for all the boys and girls!

It’s the perfect party favor that would look super cute in a miniature paper bag. If you really want to add a bit of uniqueness, then you can buy some lovely floral ‘she’s about to POP’ labels to stick on your mini champagne bottles from Amazon.

Mini champagne bottles are the perfect baby shower prize idea!

Scented candles

Scented candles are a prize winner of all prizes! With so many calming scents to choose from, you can find a candle that will please everyone.

From traditional lavender, that would go great with a relaxing bath or ocean breeze for when you are feeling extra summery.

Our favourite scented candle brand is of course, Yankee – but this is for if you have a bit of extra budget to hand! The great thing about Yankee, is that you can shop for personalised candles to make it truly unique.

baby shower prize ideas scented candle

Mason jar manicure kits

One of our favourite baby shower prize ideas for sure. Mason jar manicure kits are cute, simple, easy to make and are a great gift to win all round.

Everyone likes to feel pampered and mason jar manicure kits are an ideal way to do this.

You can buy a set of 6 mason jars from Amazon for less than £20! Then all you need is to go to your local Boots or Superdrug and buy some nail polish, nail files, nail clippers and toe separators. For an extra special touch, buy some ribbon and tie it around the mason jar.

You can also choose nail polish colours that match the gender of your little one – this is also a great gender reveal idea. You’ll definitely leave all your guests saying that you absolutely nailed it!

Personalised glasses

Personalised glass wear is always a successful baby shower prize idea. You can choose to engrave the glass with the guest’s names or keep it simple with ‘X’s baby shower’.

It is the ideal baby shower prize idea and is a great little keepsake for your guests. You’ll have to plan ahead for this one, however, has it can take a while for the delivery to arrive.

Etsy is our favourite place to buy personalised glasses as it is cheap and affordable. The quality is also good and instructions are easy on where to put your engraving.

Homemade cakes

Homemade cakes are always a delicious treat. They are a thoughtful gift that everyone will appreciate. Not to mention, any excuse for cake, right?

This is probably one of the most affordable baby shower prize ideas. You can buy decorations and baby shower cake toppers from amazon that will make a nice addition.

baby shower prize ideas handmade cakes

DIY sweet cones

Sweet cones have become a popular baby shower prize ideas over the last few years.  They are inexpensive and easy to make.

Order sweet cone bags, ribbon and cards online, then go to your local shop and get a nice big bag of pic n mix.

You can make them to your taste, but some good treats to put in a sweet cone are millions, marshmallows and spaceships. If you are having a theme for your baby shower, then it is a good idea to buy sweets that will match your colour palette.

You can see more images and baby shower prize ideas for sweet cones on Pinterest.

Mom and baby liquor set

This is a fantastic gift for the ultimate baby shower prize. A little more expensive than the others as it requires purchasing a large bottle of liquor, but it is a great idea.

The mum and baby liquor set is a creative and funny prize. Simply buy a large bottle of liquor of your choice (we like gin!) and then a mini bottle of the same liquor.

You can then tie them together with a pretty ribbon and you have the mummy and baby liquor set ready!

Baby shower prize ideas recap

So, there are our 8 cheap baby shower prize ideas that your guests will actually love. From DIY to sweets and liquor, we’ve outlined all of our favourite baby shower prize ideas we have seen handed out at our baby shower venue. To recap, our 8 favourite are:

  1. Sugar Scrub
  2. Mini Champagne Bottles
  3. Scented Candles
  4. Mason Jar Manicure Kits
  5. Personalised Glasses
  6. Homemade Cakes
  7. DIY Sweet Cones
  8. Mom and Baby Liquor Set

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