Employee Engagement Activities

5 Employee Engagement Activities for your Team 

Employee engagement activities are beneficial for many reasons, the main being how employees are connected within the workplace. Employee engagement activities are to boost productivity and engagement to create a better working environment.  

Engaging your employees in activities encourages teams to work effectively to improve the working environment. Creating a positive working environment will mean your employees enjoy coming to work and will encourage productive working to help individuals and teams reach their goals, ultimately leading to your business’ success.

We have created 5 employee engagement activities that are going to improve your company culture and drive your business towards success.

5 Things That Can Be Done To Enhance Employee Engagement

1. Create Work Clubs 

Allowing your team members to incorporate their hobbies into the working environment shows how you as a business leader value your employee’s interests. Work clubs are a fantastic way of bringing employees together that share similar interests and have the ability to change the conversation of work-life to personal life. This allows your employees to connect on a deeper level with one another and to make new connections or strengthen existing relationships within the workplace. 

Improving the communication among your employees will create a positive working environment and encourage your staff members to not only continue working at your business but to work proactively and achieve positive results together. 

2. Offsite Staff Training

Ensuring that your employees receive regular training in the workplace shows how you want your employees to grow within the workplace. This is not only beneficial when it comes to improving the working environment, but it also helps those who are working from home to become more engaged. 

​Offsite employee engagement activities increase the engagement within your team by encouraging peers to grow and develop their skills within the industry, as well as providing networking opportunities for your business. 

Taking the opportunity to get out of the office encourages employees to detach themselves from their phones and spend more time with their colleagues. Employees are more likely to feel engaged in an activity if they are receiving training in a new environment.

3. Team Building Away Days

Team building activities are a great way of improving the communication within your team and are an opportunity for your employees to build new relationships within the workplace. Improving the communication within your team and allowing your employees to get to know each other on a deeper, more meaningful level without the pressure of working tasks creates a positive working environment in order for your employees to succeed. 

Team building activities are a way of rewarding your employees for their hard work and making sure that they are aware that you appreciate them. This employee engagement idea also increases the confidence of your staff members, whilst encouraging them to explore new ideas within the industry that benefit the business long term. 

Whether you choose to take your employee engagement activity outdoors or remain indoors, either is a great way of improving the mental health of your employees within the workplace. Encouraging your employees to take part in team-building activities gives your team a healthy mind reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Often those who are working remotely can feel disconnected from the outside world and find that it can begin to affect the relationships they have with their colleagues, which is why team building away days are so important.

Having employees feel as if they are a valuable asset to your business increases the engagement within a team and opens up new challenging opportunities whilst improving company culture.  

If you’re looking for riddles to boost employee engagement in meetings, check out our list. 

4. Get to know your Employees with “Guess Who” Quizzes

Taking the time to learn about your employees and have your colleagues learn more about one another and their interests is an effective employee engagement activity to use in the workplace. Have your employees write down something about their personal lives and see if your team can figure out which employee gave which answer.

Understanding your employees on a more personal level can lead to better results within your business and better productivity levels for your employees. Having your management team understand their employees will help to avoid any miss communication problems and will create a healthy working atmosphere.

5. Celebrate Achievements 

Celebrating your employee’s achievements with incentives or staff days out is an opportunity for your management team to recognise your staff’s hard work and accomplishments as well as encourage employee feedback. Employee recognition can be done by throwing an extravagant staff party or a corporate fun day out. 

Celebrate your team’s achievements by treating exceptional team members to a night away for two with exclusive offers available at Alexandra House.

However, you choose to recognise your employee’s hard work, having your employees feel appreciated can fuel future performance. This can be done by reminding your employees of your company’s values to boost engagement and communication within the workplace. Celebrating your employee’s achievements is one of the most effective employee engagement strategies to use that ensures your business is constantly working towards achieving positive results leading to job satisfaction.  

Recap of 5 Employee Engagement Activities

  1. Create Work Clubs
  2. Offsite Staff Training 
  3. Team Building Away Days
  4. Get to know your Employees with ‘Guess Who” Quizzes
  5. Celebrate Achievements

Employee engagement activities are great for employers that are looking to improve the working dynamic and culture of their business.

Ensuring your management teams make the time to focus on employee engagement activities will increase employee productivity levels of your employees, their motivation, employee retention, and most importantly create a working environment with a positive atmosphere.

Employee Engagement Activities at Alexandra House 

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We offer a fantastic outdoor space that provides an abundance of employee engagement activities for your team. From an inflatable course, archery, a treasure hunt and many more, our events venue in Swindon with 20 acres of stunning grounds is the perfect setting to host your employee team building day out. 

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