15 fantastic office Christmas party games for adults


The annual Christmas party has the potential to bring employees together or be a dull night of stale entertainment. Here are 15 games that you can use during your party to liven it up.

Guess the number of ornaments

If you’ve decorated a tree, keep a note of the ornaments and get your guests to pop their guesses in a box. The closest person will then win a prize – or perhaps one of the ornaments.

Pie-eating contest

A mince pie-eating contest can be a lot of fun but make sure that you’re not going to fill people up too much if you are having a meal during the night. You could use a different type of food (like cake or Christmas pudding) if you prefer and make sure you have versions for those with intolerances.

Christmas quiz

Find out who has the most Christmas knowledge with a Christmas quiz. You can draw inspiration from famous films, Christmas carols and Christmas stories, like A Christmas Carol.

Secret Santa

This will work best for smaller groups, as you don’t want to be waiting around for everyone to get their presents. A few volunteers calling out names will make this process a lot smoother and make it quicker for everyone to start unwrapping.

Employee awards

Hold an awards ceremony for the best (or ugliest) Christmas jumper, most festive hat or even the best Santa ‘ho-ho-ho’ as voted by the other party-goers. It’s a great way to involve everyone and give recognition to those who put in that extra bit of effort into their attire and skills.

Snowball fight

If you’re lucky enough to get some snow then you could use that for your fight but you might be better off dividing the room in half and challenging two teams to get more balloons (playing the part of snowballs) onto the other team’s side before the whistle blows.

Toilet paper snowman

Much like the mummy game at Halloween, guests will work in teams to wrap a co-worker in toilet paper to look like a snowman. This can be run as a race against time or a competition of flair to see who has the best nose and buttons in their new costume.

Wrap battle

This can be played as a team game or as individuals, with the winner being the one to wrap a present the fastest. Points can be added for finesse and style, as well as taken away for a less-than-stellar job.

Two truths and a lie

A great game for between courses is to get your guests to announce three facts about themselves, only one of them isn’t true. The others will then have to work out which isn’t true. You can play this just for fun or keep score of the great liars and intrepid detectives.

Couples who am I?

A fun icebreaker for a party is a game of ‘who am I?’ where you are also trying to find the other part of your couple by asking yes and no questions about the post-it note on your forehead. For example, you could have one person with ‘milk’ and another with ‘cookies’, or ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Mrs. Claus’.

Gift relay race

If you have plenty of room, why not indulge in a few relay races? You can do the classic back and forth or opt for the over-and-under pass line approach. You could even combine it with some obstacles or perhaps a blindfolded trust exercise where you must protect the present through the course.


Charades or Pictionary can be a good one between courses if you’re having a meal or if you’re having a small party. You can either give a bowl of suggestions or get people to make up their own.

Scavenger hunt

Split people into teams or pairs and give them a list of items to find that have been hidden around your party venue. The first team to return with either the items or photographic proof of having found them will be declared the winners.

Ornament ‘n’ spoon race

A twist on the classic egg ‘n’ spoon race but with ornaments instead. Pick your baubles carefully for this race and make sure that you don’t use glass ornaments for this, as you wouldn’t want to deal with them if they get dropped!

Statue game

This is not the classic musical statues (though you could play that if you wanted to), this game involves one person being nominated as the statue for the night and they must turn into a statue whenever they feel like it during the night. The other guests must then turn into a statue as soon as they see this happening. An easy game but can be entertaining to see happen and can be played throughout the night and during other games.

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