10 Tips for Making a Good Venue Even Better

Make a good choice

The first step to a great event is choosing a fantastic venue. Shop around as much as possible and get quotes. Compare each venue and note down things you like about it. You can sometimes negotiate on things like the price so if you leave plenty of time, you’ll have more leeway. It’s also always good to have a second pair of eyes.


Some venues already have décor but if you can, decorate your space to make it your own. Even simple things like bits of material draped over objects with fairy lights make a huge difference and won’t break the bank. You can always ask around friends and family to borrow decorations for the event.


An event is only as good as the people attending. Get the invites out in plenty of time so you can ensure maximum turnout. Don’t feel pressured to invite people you don’t actually like. This will only put pressure on you when you want to relax and enjoy yourself.


Food is always the main staple of any event. It keeps people going and is what everyone remembers. Whether you have a buffet or lavish sit-down meal, ensure its great quality. Make sure you find out about guests’ special dietary requirements as soon as possible so they can be catered for. No one wants to go hungry.

Extra entertainment

Depending on what sort of event you’re throwing, you can have extra entertainment. Photo booths, games and food vans are all great to keep people entertained. It’s also nice to have a keepsake from the day.

Be creative

Doing something a bit outside of the box is always fun. It’s something guests remember and set your event apart from the rest.


Gauge how helpful the staff are when you visit or call the potential venues. When throwing an event, you need a great team behind you. Having people who are friendly and dedicated makes throwing any event a lot easier, and more enjoyable.


Music is key for any event. But be mindful of how it’s played. If you have a conference, some thoughtful, quiet music in the background is always nice. For a party or wedding, ensure you have a DJ or savvy friend to keep the tunes going. Music can really set the mood of any event so use this to your advantage.

Accommodation/Travel Arrangements

If it’s an evening event, be aware that people may not want to travel home late. By having a venue with accommodation, it means people are welcome to stay. If not, put some time into researching travel arrangements such as a minibus. It shows you’ve really put thought into your event and guests. At Alexandra House, we have a range of fantastic event spaces with luxury accommodation to stay in afterwards. Choose from our standard or superior room for a refreshing night’s sleep. Get in contact for more information.


Depending on the kind of event you’re throwing, having a keepsake for guests to take away is a nice touch. Be it photos from the booth, mugs or chocolates, depending on the budget, it’s a great way to end the day.

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